First Aid And CPR For Bus Drivers

Whether you drive a city bus or a school bus, knowing how to administer basic first aid and perform CPR is definitely an important skill to have. In fact, some localities require school bus drivers to be certified in order to legally drive the vehicle. This is because knowing CPR and even easy first aid applications has been known to save lives when seconds count.

Where To Get Training

The Red Cross offers CPR and first aid classes and has locations across the country. Classes cArticles that take a new angle or offer unique information are inherently more useful and interesting. You may want to try some of the resources suggested in the <a href="">third ideation training</a> on the WritersDomain blog to help guide you in more unique also be found at many clinics and hospitals, as well as recreation centers and schools. If you're required to become certified by law, your state should be able to provide you with a list of official locations where you can attend classes. In some cases, there is no cost to these classes, while others may charge a small fee. Once you pass the course, you will receive an official certification card showing you are now able to perform CPR and first aid.

What You Will Learn

CPR is the administering of chest compression application and mouth to mouth resuscitation in order to help save someone's life. It is usually needed when someone stops breathing or their heart has stopped. The process of CPR is fairly simple, and most people can become certified in as little as one to two days of classroom learning. When it comes to first aid, you may learn simple tasks such as helping someone with cuts or bruises, or something as complicated as dealing with burn victims or a diabetic. All of these skills are invaluable, and although you hope you never need them, they're excellent to have. Every bus should include a well equipped first aid kit as well as a CPR guide on board just in case.

Why Do You Need It?

As a professional driver, you come in contact with all sorts of people from all walks of life. Whether it is an elderly passenger or a pregnant woman, there may be circumstances where someone riding in your bus needs help. When it comes to school bus drivers, children can be accident prone or have a health condition that might require the use of CPR or first aid. Regardless of the emergency, just knowing how to do these things can often help save a person's life and get them the urgent help they need. In addition, vehicles like buses can be involved in an accident, and a passenger might need medical assistance if this happens. 

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