2 Great Ways To Help Your Movers

Are you looking for a way to make your moving day as painless as possible? Although some people decide to leave the entire job for their professional moving team, you might be able to take care of a few things beforehand. Here are two great ways to help your movers, so that you can avoid a few hassles along the way: 

1: Clear the Path

Your planter boxes and rocking chairs might look awesome on your front porch, but will it interfere with your moving day? Before movers arrive, carefully analyze the entrances and exits of your home and remove anything that could get in the way. Here are a few examples of things that could cause problems:

  • Door Mats: Although they might seem harmless, doormats can get folded up and pose trip and fall hazards for movers. If you are worried about movers tracking grime through your house, rent non-slip, industrial mats and place them in your entryway. Otherwise, pick up any rugs that could get in the way.
  • Potted Plants: Potted plants can get knocked over and send soil and glass flying. If you aren't quite ready to pack up your plants just yet, place them somewhere else in your yard for the time being.
  • Yard Décor: Those garden gnomes and wind chimes might make your yard feel more nostalgic, but they could get broken or tangled during the moving process. To keep everything in tact, take down your décor beforehand.

If you think that movers will need to haul heavy furniture through flowerbeds or over your front lawn, think about laying down protective boards to keep landscaping intact. It might seem like overkill, but it could keep your things safe and make things easier for your moving team.

2: Hire a Babysitter

Your curious little kids might not mean to get in the way, but they might become a problem for your movers. In addition to peppering your moving team with questions about moving trucks, big boxes, and unusual physical characteristics, your kids might also trip up movers.

To fend off problems, talk to a close friend, family member, or daycare center about watching your kids for the day. In addition to staying out of the way, they might have a better time when they are around their peers and a fresh set of toys.

Making the right decisions beforehand might help you to relax a little on your moving day, and keep your moving company happy. For more tips, consult experts like Meelheims Transfer & Storage.