5 Unique Ways To Take A California Wine Tour

The most popular way to take a California wine tour is to travel from city to city in your own vehicle and stop at all the vineyards, enjoying the fresh tastes of wine ripened in the sun. There are a few other ways to take a wine tour, however, especially if you're traveling through the Napa Valley and Sonoma County regions which are the two most popular areas for California wine tasting. Here are five unique ways to take a California wine tour that will have you setting off on an adventure full of fun (and wine!):

Napa Valley Bike Tour

If you'll be traveling through the Napa Valley, there are quite a few ways to experience the gorgeous hills and wines of the valley by bicycle. Most bike tours last 4-6 days, take scenic back roads, and take you to the finest wineries throughout the valley. There are also budget bike tours available which last a shorter length of time. Some tours even go through the redwood forest and all the way back to the coastline.

Balloon Wine Tour

For the ultimate way to enjoy all that California has to offer, take a hot air balloon ride that glides over the hills of Napa Valley. Most hot air balloon rides last for about an hour and go up into the air at an altitude of 2,000 feet. Most also take place around sunrise which gives you a chance to see one of the most beautiful sunrises you'll likely ever see. The best part? You'll land just in time for an included continental breakfast that naturally includes wine.

Wine Tours by Boat

If your sights are centered around Sonoma county, you might want to consider taking a wine tour by kayak. Kayak wine tours take place down the Russian River, where you'll be floating by the gorgeous hills, vineyards, and forests. You'll likely encounter a few, small rapids while on the Russian River, but nothing too extensive. This makes it an ideal trip for the whole family.

Wine Hikes

Hiking through wine county lets you soak in as much of the beauty of the valley as possible. Most hikes last around 5 days and take you through multiple vineyards, letting you get to know the people who work there and enjoy the hospitality. The pace of these hikes is quite laid back and relaxed.

Horseback Wine Tour

For the horse lover, a California wine tour by horseback is the perfect way to enjoy a horseback ride while getting to taste a little wine along the way. There are horseback wine tours that last for as long as your budget and time frame allow. For a shorter tour, you can even embark on a horse carriage version.

With any of the above wine tour ideas, you'll never have to worry about being bored while making your way through Napa Valley. The above ideas combine adventure and beautiful countryside in the same, tasty package. What's not to love about a vacation that includes adventure and wine?