Packing Tips That Really Help

Moving from one home to another can be simplified by packing your belongings properly. Taking the time to pack things in a way where they can be found quickly, in sturdy containers that prevent breakage, will make things easier when the moving service brings your belongings into you new home. Here are some unique tips that can help your move go a little smoother.

Label Or Color-Coordinate Rooms

Before the movers arrive at your new home with your belongings, take the time to make signs to hang next to the doorway of each room. These can be coordinated with what is written on your boxes and on labels attached to furniture so that movers will know exactly where to place belongings. If you have children, get them involved by making signs for their own rooms and have them label their own boxes. This is a fun way to keep things organized.

Another way to separate items is to color coordinate your boxes. Use colored packing tape when sealing containers. Place the same colored tape next to the doorway of each room before movers arrive. This will save movers from needing to read labels at all.

Pack Essentials Separately

Take the time to pack a separate container to be placed in your vehicle to transport to your new home. This should be filled with things you will need during your first night at your new home, saving you the trouble of searching through boxes for the items. Pack some paper plates, plastic utensils, towels, soap, shampoo, and a spare set of clothing inside the container.

Place a clean set of bed sheets, pillow case and a pillow in a drawer of each person's dresser so that everyone can make up their bed as soon as it arrives. Since unpacking can be tiring, this will save everyone the trouble of looking for clean linens when all they want to do is rest.

Think About Your Moving Service Workers

When you pack, try to keep heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes. This will help movers from straining to lift things that are too heavy overall. Make sure to use enough packing tape on your boxes to avoid unnecessary breakage. Fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap or towels to help keep them from breaking in the container. If something should not be flipped around inside a box, label it with arrows pointing upward so that movers will know to keep it in this direction when bringing it in and out of the moving truck or van.

If you're planning a move, make sure you hire a reliable moving service, such as RB Logistics, to help you out. With the right professional assistance, moving becomes a lot easier on everyone.