How To Save Money On Transportation To The Airport

Are you a frequent traveler? Are you looking for ways to save money on your trips? While you may be an expert at finding the best hotel and airfare rates, here are some ways to save money when going back and forth to the airport:

Talk to your hotel: If your hotel is located in a competitive area, they may pay for shuttle service to and from the airport. Before booking your room, call the hotel's concierge desk to find out if free transportation is a service that they offer. If you reach a new hire that's not familiar with all the deals offered by the hotel, check their website to see if there's any promotional offers listed there. 

Frequent customer discounts: If you regularly travel to the same city or regularly use a shuttle service to the airport in your home city, find out whether they offer any discounts for frequent customers. Depending on the service, you may get a free ride after a number of airport trips, or you may get a small discount on each trip you take. 

Internet discounts: Because you're not taking up employee time, some shuttle services may offer a nominal discount if you book directly from their website. Even if they don't offer a discount for booking online, they may still be offering a promotion that's only available to people who visit their website or social media page. 

Group discounts: Instead of paying for two or three separate cab fares to get everyone to the airport, use a shuttle service to get everyone there and back again. Not only will a single shuttle be less expensive than several cabs, but the shuttle company may offer you a discount for having everyone travel together. 

Student or alumni discounts: If you're traveling to a university, or near your alma mater, check with the shuttle service to see if they offer lower rates for current or past students. You may be able to save some money if you can provide proof of current or former student registration. 

Avoid unnecessary fees: Some shuttle services may charge extra if your luggage exceeds their permitted count. If you bought a lot of souvenirs, or found some great deals on clothing, consider shipping every non-essential item or mailing it home instead of carrying it with you on the plane. Make sure to ask if strollers, golf bags, or child safety seats are counted as part of your quota, or if the shuttle service allows them in addition to your baggage allotment.