Three Reasons That Booking An Airport Taxi Should Be On Your Pre-Flight Checklist

When you're preparing to take a trip on an airplane, it's customary for the hours before you depart for the airport to be filled with last-minute packing, weighing your luggage and going over your flight itinerary. Even though you're busy during this time, it's useful to spend a few minutes calling an airport taxi company and arranging to have a driver transport you from your home to your terminal. Leaving your personal vehicle at home in favor of this method of transportation has a number of advantages, including these three.

Help With Navigation

For people who are a little directionally challenged, traveling to the airport can cause a considerable amount of stress. Between fighting your way through heavy traffic and finding the quickest way to your departure terminal -- not to mention seeking a parking lot a reasonable distance from the terminal -- you can be frazzled by the time to enter the airport. It's a stress reliever to have an airport taxi driver navigate the route from your home to the airport. Your driver will know all the tricks about how to beat traffic and get to the airport as quickly as possible, which will drastically reduce your stress on the day of your flight.

Help With Your Luggage

If you're traveling with a significant amount of luggage or your suitcases are just overly heavy or awkward, riding with an airport taxi driver can save you the hassle of handling the luggage on your own. One of an airport taxi driver's duties is to load and unload luggage. It's ideal to get your luggage to the driveway of your home, but once there, you won't have to deal with it again until the taxi driver has loaded your items onto an airport cart. This perk beats having to park your vehicle in the airport's long-term parking area and then lug your suitcases across the parking lot to a waiting bus or tram.

Cheaper Than Airport Parking

Depending on where you live, how long you'll be traveling and how much your airport charges for parking, it's often possible to save money when you travel to the airport by taxi. Airport parking fees are expensive, and if you'll be gone a number of days, you'll be facing a hefty parking fee upon your return. Contact a local airport taxi, like Yellow Cab, and get a fare estimate for traveling from your home to the airport; in many cases, this number will be less than what you'd pay in parking.