Features You Want In A Dump Truck

If you're trying to save money as you rent dump trucks and other equipment for your construction project, you're naturally going to look at what features you can eliminate. The plainer the truck, the less it should cost, right? But there are some additions and features that you definitely want to get when you choose a dump truck because, even if generations past of drivers got along without them, they add a dimension of safety and flexibility that are worth the extra cost.

Tarp System

Even if you have to provide your own tarp, the truck should have at least a basic setup that you can tie the tarp to easily. Tarps, be they solid or net-like, stop the materials in the dump truck bed from flying out, which is essential if you're taking the trucks on the road when the beds are full. Even the gentlest ride can be marred by winds sweeping materials like gravel off the top. You may think that attaching the tarp by tying it to points like the wheel well edges will work, but it's safer to have dedicated tie-down points, if not an included tarp system.

Backup Camera

The invention of the backup camera is one of the best things to happen to drivers in the past couple of decades. These cameras allow you to see what's behind your vehicle as you back up, so you don't have to crane your neck. The cameras also catch what's in spots you might not be able to see physically, such as right by your bumper. Get this feature. It helps you avoid those tense situations in which you find out suddenly that someone has started moving behind your truck right before you were about to press down on the gas pedal.

Trailer Addition Options

Get a hitch! Even if you don't plan to tow anything, get a dump truck that already has a hitch installed (or if you're buying a truck, have a hitch installed once you get your own vehicle). The versatility that you get from being able to tow something with little notice is worth the extra cash you might have to pay for a truck with a hitch.

Remember that there are often many ways to configure a rental contract or purchasing deal so that you can get a lot of features for a lower price. Always ask the rental company what deals they have and how you can lower your costs. Contact a company, like Bobby Hoelscher Trucking Inc, to get started.