3 Reasons To Use A Limo Service Over Other Transportation Services

The truth is that there are lots of different types of transportation services you can use for your transportation needs. You can use a ride-sharing service, a taxi, or a limo. Although there are lots of ride sharing services, a limo service from a chauffeured transportation service stands above the rest.  

Reason #1: Access to a Premium Fleet

One of the first reasons you should use a limo transportation service over other forms of transportation is because you will have access to a premium fleet of vehicles. You will be driven around in a high-class, luxury vehicle. Limo chauffeured transportation services, on top of offering rides in limousines, usually have an entire fleet of luxury vehicles such as Mercedes Sprinters, Lincoln MKT Town Cars, and executive SUVs. The vehicles that you will be transported around in are top-of-the-line vehicles. 

With a ride-share service, you don't know if you will be picked up in a 2015 Mercedes Benz or if you will be picked up in a 2005 Toyota Camry. The standard for ride-sharing services are far below that of a chauffeured transportation service. You just have to have a working vehicle that is less than 15 years old. Taxi services tend to provide dependable vehicles, but by no means luxury transportation. 

If you want to drive around in the best, you need to use a premium car service that can get you to where you need to be.  

Reason #2: Access to Great Amenities

Next, when you book with a limo service, you will automatically get access to a host of great amenities such as cold bottled water, Wi-Fi, snacks, and even reading material. They will make sure you are comfortable and have your needs taken care of when you are with them. 

With a ride-sharing service, you may hire a driver that goes the extra mile and provides some amenities, but there is no guarantee when you book a ride share drive you will get any extra amenities. Taxi cabs, as a general rule, do not offer this amenity yet.  

Reason #3: Experienced Staff

With a chauffeured limo service, you will get an experienced and well-trained staffed. With a ride-sharing service, all a driver has to do is pass a basic background driving test and have a registered vehicle. With a limo service, you are getting a driver who has undergone an extensive background check, not just a driving background check. Most limo companies also require their drivers to hold commercial driving licensing, ensure that the best drivers are behind the wheel. In addition, many limo companies provide extensive training to their drivers. 

If you want to ride in a nice vehicle, with access to great amenities, and with a trained driver behind the wheel, have a chauffeured limo service take care of your transportation needs.