3 Things to Ensure When Transporting an Oversized Load

Oversize trucking is the process of carrying especially large loads, typically exceeding typical state or federal weight limits, across the country. These loads may be large shipments of regular materials or supplies, but they may also be machinery or industrial parts that simply cannot be transported in a way that would allow for a lower weight. As such, there are unique challenges related to oversize trucking. You need to ensure you have the proper permits, you may need a specialized route for your load, and you need to ensure your load is secure.

You Need Extra Permits

One of the most important aspects of oversize trucking is making sure that you carry additional permits to keep your trucking within the law. Each state has its own permits for oversized loads, while the federal government does not offer any. As such, you or your employer will need to contact the states you plan to travel through and ask for separate permits for each state, or else risk hefty fines. You may also need permits to use any vehicles that travel with the oversized truckload, especially if the load requires a boom truck or other pilot cars to follow the load. Once you have the permits you need, you can work out the details of your route.

You (May) Have a Specialized Route

Oversize trucking carries the unique challenge of needing an especially optimized route for the driver. Not only are heavy loads less able to manage sharp turns, but high speeds are generally out of the question as well. Plus, many states require oversized loads to only be transported during the day. Planning a route, however long, for an oversized load requires high amounts of coordination between the truck driver, their employer, the producer or shipper of the load, and the people meant to receive it. Once you have your route planned, you can get started on transporting your load.

Your Load Is Secure

Finally, you need to ensure that your load is secure. This is an important part of any trucking, but oversized trucking makes it especially important as you can easily ruin expensive supplies, machinery, or even your own truck if the load isn't secure. Fines for unsecured loads that cause an accident range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, which doesn't include any fines for any damages caused by the load itself or any insurance penalties. In addition, making sure the load is secure is important for the driver — unsecured loads or a lack of safety equipment can easily injure or kill the driver. 

If you require oversized trucking, call a local or national trucking company and request a quote today.