3 Types Of Trailers For Hauling Goods

If you need a trailer to haul things around, you need to get a little more specific about what you need. There are various types of utility trailers on the market, so it is essential to know what you need before you start shopping for one.

1. Cargo

A cargo trailer is one that is boxed in. It has four sides and a roof. It will have a door on the side or back of the unit or sometimes both. Cargo trailers come in a range of different sizes, and smaller ones are made to haul behind personal pick-up trucks. They are great if you need to haul things that you don't want to get wet or that you don't want to blow around in the wind when you are driving down the road. This is a great way to expand your cargo space while protecting your cargo at the same time. The inside can be customized to support the safe transport of whatever you are hauling.

2. Landscape

Next up is a landscape trailer. They are used to haul material that is used for landscaping. You can haul things, such as gravel, wood chips, and plants with them. They usually have firm bottoms, with sides that are at least a foot high, if not higher. This allows carrying items inside the trailer. They are open, though; they don't have a roof on them, allowing for the transportation of taller items, like plants. Some have a simple flip-down back, and others have hydraulic systems that allow the trailer bed to lift up, making it easier to unload a load of gravel or wood chips.

3. Utility

The third type of trailer to consider is a utility trailer. They are the workhouse of trailers and can be used for various functions, such as moving around camping and fishing gear or moving around equipment for a small outdoor business. They are the most common type of trailer.

A utility trailer has a flat bottom. It has a border around the trailer generally made of metal with an open-air design. At the back of the trailer, which is closest to the vehicle, a taller wall is used to secure items that one is transporting. They have a simple design and come in different lengths, although the width is generally about the same as a passenger truck.

A cargo trailer is excellent if you need to move items and protect them from the elements. If you need to move things like dirt and gravel, you will want to go with a landscape trailer with short but solid sides. A utility trailer can get the job done and last for years for almost all other hauling needs. Consider what you are hauling before you choose the type of trailer you need.