4 Construction Dump Trucks You Should Know

A heavy construction dump truck makes transportation easy within your large-scale building site. These trucks play an indispensable role in hauling heavy-duty loads like rocks, demolition debris, gravel, and soil, among others.

With improved manufacturing technology, more advanced dump trucks exist. The powerful trucks carry tons of materials, saving you money and time. 

Since there are many trucks out there, knowing different dumpers helps you decide on suitable trucks for your upcoming construction job.

Here are some dump trucks you should know.

1. Side Dump Trucks

As the name implies, side dump trucks empty their loads sideways. They're preferred for their quick dumping operation. A side dump hauler is ideal if you want to offload ballast, soil, or gravel over a barrier. 

They're suited for construction sites with large volumes of material to transport. Their exceptional load capacity makes them stand out over many other dump trucks. 

The open box tilts sideways to empty a side dumper to release the load. Indeed, these trucks offer stability and reduced chances of tipping over.

2. Transfer Dump Truck

Attaching a dump trailer to a dump truck increases its productivity and load capacity. This is a unique characteristic of transfer dump trucks. If you have different construction site waste to transport, the transfer dumper comes in handy. 

You can load one trailer with demolition waste and the other with hazardous materials. This makes dumping in different locations effective. The good news is that the additional container doesn't affect the performance of the parent truck. 

Every container comes with a separate control motor. Indeed, the transfer dump truck allows you to maximize the payload, which is impossible with a standard dump truck.

3. Rigid Dump Truck

Mining or large-scale construction industries require transportation trucks with massive load capacities. One such truck is the rigid dump truck. This haul truck is among the largest dump trucks globally. They're suitable for off-road hauling and seldom allowed on highways. 

They carry loads of up to several hundred tones. Their tires and body configuration suit harsh terrain and climate. Lately, innovation has allowed truck manufacturers to develop self-controlling haul trucks for extreme mining and infrastructure construction.

4. Super Dump Truck

The super dump truck comes in handy to increase efficiency in a large construction site. The carrier handles a remarkable payload, thus increasing onsite productivity. This truck features a trailing axle and a standard dump truck design. Indeed, the extended axle design enables the truck to move an additional load. 

The super dumper hauls asphalt and concrete if you have a large-scale paving project. If other site tasks crop up, you can detach the trailing axle to optimize the truck's movement.

Dump trucks improve transport output in any construction site. If you want any of the above trucks, contact a reputable dump truck company in your area.

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